LCR (Inductance, Capactance,, Resistance) - Transistor, Diode, Signal Generator and Frequency Meter Kit.
I bought a cheap Atmel ATMega 328 based LCR tester from EBay for just over $20, delivered. Compared to the local bricks and morter stores in Perth, this kit was value.
The Kit was pretty complete with exceptions mentioned below.. Mine also included a perspex case. One issue, a missing part, a 180K resistor, had to be supplied from my stash.
Interestingly enough there were spare parts, one transister, 2 x 10K resistors, 100k resistor and  standoffs. So other other than the missing resistor, I had all the parts to do it.
There are no insructions included with the kit, but, the silk screening on the board is comprehensive. Note 2 capacitors, for the Xtal, marked 220 go into the 22 capacitor locations. There are some YouTube videos with folk building these up though.
This device has a multi colour display (you can change the colours in a menu item) and a rotary encoder device which included a push button
/display LCR.jpg
So this was a Friday night project. Built, Calibrated and Tested.